Thursday, July 28, 2011

All About Angels RR

This is my naked block for the CQI All about angels RR.  I began with a cute little impressed angel image on the centre velvet patch, but it was too small.  I checked through my "angel" stash and found this perfect angel.  I put her on a cloud of tule which covered the velvet image.  I fiddled a long time to get my picture on point, but it's still a little off.


Laurie said...

This is so cute Diane! I love your idea with the fairy! I'll be working on your block, and can't wait to see what the end results will be!

Ruby said...

I'll be watching this take shape. Lovely base block

Mánya said...

Beautiful block, Diane! I love your idea to put the angel on a cloud of tule!

Cathy K said...

Oh Diane! This is so cute! And I love your colors!! Too bad it won’t be back in time for you to bring it with you in September! Hugs, Cathy